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Dealer Simplified Launches iPhone/Android App with pocket bidding and notifications.

Lancaster, NY - January 30th 2015. Automotive Dealer Software Company, Dealer Simplified LLC  announced the release of its long anticipated used car-bidding app in the Apple Store Friday.  The App will augment its already successful mobile and desktop site. Once the user logs in they can receive notifications about upcoming sales, when their bids our accepted or if they were outbid.

The goal of the app is to speed up the bidding process for its used car buyers allowing them to find and buy faster.  In it’s Pocket.Bid application, buyers can view hundreds of cars being sold by new car dealers and independent dealer throughout the country. Right after opening the application the user will get a snap shot of the local wholesale market on their “Auction Dashboard.” Bidders can bid and make offers on cars right from the application.
Pocket.bid’s notifications are very helpful because it allows sellers to notify their team of wholesalers when new trades arrive to help them appraise the value of the fresh inventory.

“One of the advantages of an app over our already successful responsive web site, is that we can send notifications to the bidders when they are our bid or when new cars arrive on the network.” Kevin Leigh Co-Founder.

About Dealer Simplified LLC

Founded by a group of automotive industry veterans determined to provide dealers with a new way to manage their dealerships, Dealer Simplified launched groundbreaking technologies that empowered dealers to improve their wholesale profitability, manage their inventory, retain their customers and manage their web properties.


To learn more about this new way to sell wholesale cars, please contact

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