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About Dealer Simplified

Founded by a group of automotive industry veterans determined to provide dealers and independent auto auctions with a new way to manage their wholesale business, Dealer Simplified™ launched groundbreaking technologies that empowered dealers and auctions to improve their profitability, manage their inventory, retain their customers and manage their web properties.

Our Statements of Purpose

Sass and Less support

Why do we exist?

We are building an extraordinary company that helps automotive retailers and wholesalers distribute inventory profitably, through simplified software methods.

Responsive across devices

How do we behave?

We put our employees first and empower them to do the right thing by our customers. Succeed Together; it's a simple plan.


How will we succeed?

By building unique solutions for dealers most challenging problems by cultivate a team of passionate dealer experts with trusted industry relationships.

Our Values— The Detail behind “How Do We Behave?”

People First

Uniqueness. We are responsible for championing and extending our unique culture as our competitive advantage.

Trust. We trust and believe in our people as the foundation of success with our clients and shareholders.

We think like the owner. We are a community of A players who act and are empowered like owners of the company. We provide freedom and flexibility in exchange for consistently high performance.

100% attention to customer concerns: we all have the ability and are empowered to solve any customer concern. We answer our phones; respond to our emails and above all listen. The highest possible customer satisfaction is our goal.

Seriously fun. We are serious about our job and lighthearted about our day. We are obsessively kind to and respectful of one another and appreciate each other’s quirks.

Do the Right Thing

Act local and charitably. We commit our time and energy to support our local communities through giving and above all our volunteer time.

No secrets. We are transparent and direct so that people know where the company stands and where they stand, so that they can make great decisions.

Spirit of the law. We do the right thing, even if it means going above and beyond in the spirit of erroring on the side of what’s right as apposed to the side of doubt and misunderstanding.

Raise the bar. We will lead our industry to set standards that even a small dealer can have all the great tools that big groups have. We will raise the bar even higher for dealer groups by providing them low cost alternatives to the legacy products they use today.

Succeed Together

Results focused. We focus on building a great business and a great company in an open, accessible environment.

Aim high and be bold. We learn from others, then we write our own rules to be a pioneer in our industry and create a model workplace. We take risks and challenge complacency, mediocrity, and decisions that don’t make sense.

Two ears, one mouth. We ask, listen, learn, and collect data. We engage in constructive debate to reach conclusions and move forward together.

Collaboration is king. We solve problems together and help each other out along the way. We keep our commitments and communicate diligently when we can’t.

Learning loops. We are a learning organization. We aren’t embarrassed by our mistakes— we communicate and learn from them so we can grow in our jobs.

Not just about us. We know we’re successful when our clients are successful and our users are happy.

Debut Product Auction Simplified

Dealer Simplified's first product Auction Simplified has changed the way dealers wholesale cars by helping them hold their own private wholesale auctions. Auction Simplified™ has increased dealer profit, reduced expences and improved buyer and seller relationships.

Since those humble biginings, Dealer Simplified has grown into a full software company for dealers and independent auctions alike. Providing tools for dealers such as, SalesDesking.com, BroadcastAppraisal.com, Dealer5Star.com. And for Auto Auctions, AuctionLaneManager.com and HDSimulcast.com

Training Simplified

Our Simplified software requires less of a learning curve so you should be up and running in moments, however, Dealer Simplified™ is committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible.

Dealer Simplified™ couples its premier software solutions with performance training. Each Franchise Dealer - Wholesaler - Independent and Salvage Yard has a dedicated performance trainer to help launch our software. Expect great results.

The Founders

Photo of Dave Kaiser from dealer simplified

Dave Kaiser

Co-Founder / Project Master / Merchandising Guru

Dave, started in the car business as a lot attendant, and worked his way through the ranks until he became the manager of variable operations for the largest dealer group in NY State. With his help the group sold over 16,000 used cars last year. Vehicle merchandising is his expertise, including software and process training for successful used car operations...


Photo of Kevin Leigh From Dealer Simplified

Kevin Leigh

Co-Founder / Writer / Business Growth Hacker

As the Director of Finance for an Auto Nation Dealership in Buffalo Leigh met with over 28,000 customers.... Then Leigh spent nearly 17 years with a top 20 dealer group in NY, as the Director of Business Development and Digital Marketing helping them deliver more then 40,000 retail units annually....


Photo of Phil Gates from Dealer Simplified

Phil Gates

Co-Founder / Software Architect / Data Master

Phil Gates is passionate about creating easy to use and heavily utilized software most of his adult life. Some of his early projects included PowerWheels.com for Fisher Price Toys. When he became the Software Architect for the top 25 dealer group in the USA, he created tools used by the company's 1,300 employees....


Dealer Simplified Automotive Software

Auto Auction Software

Auto Lane Manager™ Modern Auto Auction Software, built from the ground up to be faster, easier to use and more innovative than anything on the market today. From vehicle check-in to cashiering, Auction Simplified will make your auction life easier.

HD Simulcast True HD with pinch and zoom for viewers to get greater detail. Even add a second mobile feed to provide walk-around views of the car as the auction is running.

Dealer Bid Sale Software

AuctionSimplified.com Upgrade your existing bid sale or start one from scratch, the team at Auction Simplified will make it happen. Full integration with your VMS, VIN Scan, auto tabulation and digital invoicing, it's everything you need to run a modern Bid Sale.

Broadcast Appraisal All the features of a Silent Auction bid sale just faster. Your select buyers get notified on their smartphone, bid and buy.

Dealer Software

UsedCarAd.com Advertising your cars on UsedCarAD.com maybe the fastest and easiest way to sell used cars online!

Dealer5Star.com Make it easy for upset customers to get help and even easier for happy customers to give you 5 star reviews.

SalesDesking.com Compliant payment menu, showing multiple payment choices with multiple down payments and terms.